Help a Hermit Buy Her Home

Gwynne Michele
5 min readMar 3, 2020

The Power of Connected Community

I started a fundraiser today.

This is not the first fundraiser I’ve started. But it’s the biggest one I’ve ever started.


To buy my house.

It’s also the first fundraiser that I’m using multiple platforms for. GoFundMe and Facebook Fundraisers.

Usually, when I’m raising funds, I just post on Facebook, letting my community — built over years and years of posting daily, sharing my knowledge and insights about life and the world, doing Service Days where I offer fun ways to tap into cosmic connection in exchange for tips and well wishes. And that’s worked to keep me afloat.

But this is a big one.

Buying my house.

And I’ve only got a month to do it.

Might be able to wiggle a couple more weeks from them, but I’m aiming for doing it in the month.

If the fundraising is successful, by the end of March, I’ll be closing on the purchase of a two-bedroom house with a basement, a wood stove, and a pond.

It’s the home I’ve lived in since December 2017, and I can’t really imagine going anywhere else at this point.

I like it here.

In Flint.

Yes, that Flint.

But most especially THIS house in Flint.

Not the greatest picture. The camera on my phone sucks.

That’s the front yard. It’s March, so we’re just beginning yard cleanup in preparation for spring planting.

In the front yard, there are hostas, lilies, various medicinal herbs, phlox, sweet peas, and even a few wild raspberry bushes that showed up last year. I’m letting them stay.

This is my pond in the backyard, as well as two garden beds.

It looks quite the mess right now, but that’s because I deliberately left the leaves on the ground last fall. As we’re doing yard cleanup this spring, some of those leaves will end up being a mulch layer in gardens. The rest will go in the compost piles where they’ll break down into the sort of goodness that grows amazing tomatoes.



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