When You Miss A Day

Just get back up and keep going

Gwynne Michele
3 min readFeb 29, 2020


I didn’t publish an article yesterday. It’s the first one I’ve missed since I started my 90-Day surge.

Honestly, most of yesterday is a blur. I don’t really even remember what I did most of the day because a Very Annoying Thing happened in the morning that basically sucked up most of my day, and anything that wasn’t a scheduled client session got swept aside to deal with the Very Annoying Thing, which is still being dealt with, but the big parts got handled yesterday.

There was no space for me to sit down and write and publish an article. So it just didn’t happen.

I refuse to beat myself up about it. The world is not going to end because I skipped a day on my streak.

Instead, I’ll pick the streak back up.

When we break a streak, it’s important to get right back up and keep going, but it’s also important to figure out why you broke the streak, and if there’s anything you can set up to prevent future streak breaking.

In this case, I probably could have written the article last night, but because of the events of the day, I completely forgot to do it. So I need to do something about remembering. Setting a daily reminder will help — the whole idea of the 90-Day Surge has been residing in my head, and honestly, that’s not really the safest place for it. It’s a total mess up there.

I need a visual reminder not just of the project, but of what I’ve done, and what’s still to be done. A calendar perhaps, or a tracker in my notebook.

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to draw up a 90-Day Surge calendar tracker in my notebook, check off the days that I’ve done articles for, and slip a ribbon marker in that page.

Why the ribbon marker?

Because as part of my evening routine, I flip to the pages that are marked with ribbons. Those are my review pages. One page has the questions I ask myself every evening as part of my Daily Examen. Another page is my evening chants and prayers — sure I have memorized them, but it’s a reminder to DO them. There’s a few other pages in there as well, each to remind me of something before I go to bed.



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