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Writing Fiction Again

Gwynne Michele
1 min readMay 4, 2022


I like to write. I do it all the time. Usually in the form of posts on Facebook, journal entries in my notebook, and intertwined braindumps in my Obsidian vault.

But I want to get back to my first love — writing fiction.

I wrote my first poetry as soon as I learn how to form letters with a pencil, and quickly branched out to telling stories.

My first NaNoWriMo in like 08/09 I wrote 90,000 words in two weeks.

But since then?

Not so much.

I’ve started some fiction, but not much.

I want to change that, though.

So I recently started writing fiction again.

I’ve got some good stuff in the works.

And it’s time to start sharing it.

There’s going to be daily short stories, as well as occasionally non-fiction pieces about designing a thriving life as a neurodiverse woman living in a Capitalist hellscape.

And eventually, there will be books, probably self-published, cuz I don’t have the attention span for traditional publishing timeframes. I want it NOW.

Time to do what I’ve said I want to do for years.



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